Exclusive Hybrid App to Mobilize Your Magento Store

In recent years, mobile e-commerce is developing steadily. Its development has been making new open doors for all types of businesses to derive full benefit from. According to the Forrester Research report, “By 2017, mobile will represent 9 percent of ecommerce sales.” Moreover, Adobe recommends that shoppers will in all probability buy through mobile apps.


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Mobile apps make an energizing market opportunity for online organizations. As it has potential to build a seamless shopping experience that will improve customer engagement. So, being an online store owner, you have to increase your market share by embracing a mobile strategy that not only satisfies your customers’ needs but also checking the endeavors of your rivals.

Below we have listed some good reasons to help you understand that “Why would you really need a mobile application for your e-commerce business?”

Boost Conversions with Geo-Targeting

Geo targeting

With the ascent of Geo-targeting, it has turned out to be progressively simple to target potential clients with area-specific, as well as time-sensitive messages through mobile apps. For instance, if you integrate Geo-location technology into your m-commerce app, your business will automatically target key customers who are near to your store. Furthermore, with this approach, you can reduce your business’s advertising cost, limit your focus and render targeted ads to buyers at the opportune time and correct place.

Push Notification

push notification

This is one of the most visible as well as powerful tools that can only be utilized by mobile apps to draw the customer’s attention. Plus, the combination of push notifications with Geo-targeting will enable you to quickly send special offers to your potential customers who are close to your business. It also alerts them about your store’s special event or a flash sale. Subsequently, you will influence your clients to feel special and probably stimulate them to stop in for a buy.

Improving Customer Shopping Experience

customer shopping experience

Consumers are always looking for a quick, straightforward and fun shopping experience, that can be possible for businesses if they have their own mobile apps. Mobile apps endeavor with device’s built-in features that are highly-compatible with all screen sizes, deliver a smooth shopping experience to customers and run faster on multiple platforms.

Also, mobile applications are vastly better at remembering your customers – which results, enable your key customers to make their purchase faster and easier, without requiring to sign into their accounts, and filling up the details like name, address, payment details every time when they want to check out. Likewise, mobile applications also keep the users’ information security as the top priority and assure them to get a complete support from your store, in order to enhance the trust of your organization. Unlike websites, when clients try to connect with your business via mobile app, they are not presented to some other third party.

Enhanced Customer support

Enhance Customer Support

With regards to client relationship administration/management, mobile commerce applications enable you to better assist your clients by offering features like live chat or messaging center. However, this is an ideal approach to achieve your clients and associate with them progressively. Plus, it also enhances your business notoriety for incredible service and adequately decreases cart abandonment.

With this component, you can get to client correspondences from anyplace, whenever to continue best of rising client requests. It most likely can support your endeavors to comprehend your clients and connect with them in real-time. Additionally, mobile commerce applications also save the precious time of your customers, by instantly contacting your store through a call or message with just a single click.

Boost Mobile customer loyalty

One of the best things of mobile applications is to add any feature that your business needs to engage more shoppers and attain their loyalty. You can offer as many electronic loyalty schemes as you want through apps to your customer, and allow them to procure loyalty points for their purchases. Exclusive discount codes and accumulating points can compensate your potential clients and give the new ones a justifiable reason or you can say motivation to make a purchase and come back to your store.

Customer Loyalty Program

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You can consolidate referral program and compensating point as shoppers love to share their top choices and make recommendations if they are remunerated for it! These types of loyalty plans can rapidly develop your mobile group and transform it into the promoting armed force for your organization. Clients value the chance to draw in and react at their relaxation with their smartphones.

No Need of Internet Connection

No Need of Internet Connection

Shoppers are always on the move, so in this case, mobile commerce app will play a vital role and lessen the burden of having a steady web connection for your key customers. Yes, once your customers have been downloaded the app on their mobile phones, they don’t really require an Internet connection to function application and show item content. In fact, they will enjoy access to application content in any unique situation.

The data of the app is cached so that without an even internet connection, it can be accessed, and only refreshed when the application has a steady web connection. It works best on both; the online and offline world, and complement each other.


These are the main reasons why you need to have your own mobile commerce app. Just get it built today, if you are still running your ecommerce store without a mobile app. Because, it has been noticed that mobile era is only going to be rising steadily in popularity, and would also prepare your business for the future.

In this regard, you can take help from our Certified Mobile App Developers, who will not only put your business ahead of the competition but also maintain a good relationship with your potential customers and keep them returning for more. For more information, Click here



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