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September 14, 2017

Top Five Reasons to Convert Your eCommerce Store into a Mobile App

Convert Your Magento Site into a Mobile App

Now-a-days, mobile commerce has turned into an enormous market. That’s why a number of individuals have begun making eCommerce transactions via their smart phones due to its easy accessibility. However, this is not only influenced the Business-to-consumer marketing, but the several organizations are embracing this particular platform for their business expenses as well as purchases.

Magento Growth

It has been noticed that the developing prevailing trend of mobile perusing and buying on smart devices has consistently influenced eCommerce websites, which are aware of mobile day-to-day interactions as well as know the complete traffic of mobile like who contains the greatest share of their movement. This is the main reason behind, having a mobile presence towards your Magento e-commerce site is necessary.

But, Why… Magento?


Magento is one of the best e-commerce platform. As, it paves the way for itself with extraordinary features as well as flexibility in several aspects of on-line store’s appearance and functionalities. Other than that, Magento also has a potential to render an excellent shopping experience via its native mobile app. As, mobile applications today covers the majority of customers’ day-to-day chores like bringing basic needs, paying bills, taking medical appointments, booking movie shows, ordering food, and many more. So it is essential for all Magento store owners to move ahead with impeccable managerial interface for compelling marketing, SEO and inventory management tools to reach their maximum business necessities.

Though, converting Magento e-commerce store into a mobile app – is really becoming a simple and effortless process because of the headway of mobile technologies, and accessibility of online solutions. Not only this, in fact, there is plenty of benefits Magento mobile app can give to your business instead of Magento site. Please, take a chance to perceive what the different advantages you will get by converting your Magento website into a mobile app.

Reason #1: Client Base –

one of the major challenge of any sort of a business is to hold their old clients and bring new ones all the time. However, this can be possible if shoppers will ideally get everything in their hands without even making any efforts on searching their desired service or product. So in this regard, the Magento mobile app plays a vital role, as, it helps you generate mobile based eCommerce solutions that help your potential customers perform an assortment of tasks on your behalf.

Reason #2: Undertaking Notifications

The custom module of Magento will enable you perform essential tasks like sending critical warnings or notifications to the client base by utilizing the mobile app. The Magento mobile app also helps in flourishing your business and turns out to be better by including the gateway for communication between the association and its clients.

Reason #3: Awareness

To be a store owner, it is necessary for you to educate or inform your potential customers about the unique points as well as benefits one will get by making purchases via your Magento based mobile app rather than a website. By doing this, you will easily make your products and services stand out among the crowd of web.

Reason #4: Advancement

Magento based mobile apps helps in enormous marketing as well as promotional activities. As, it utilizes powerful features like push notifications, scanners, coupon codes, etc. for sending offers, and promoting your services and products by utilizing mobile commerce.

Reason #5: Platform

While making a Magento mobile app, one can be guaranteed to have the capacity to utilize all platforms accessible to his/her side of acquiring achievement.

These are the crucial benefits you will get by turning up your e-commerce site into a mobile app. As it will allow you to accomplish your tasks in the most convincing manner.

If you need professional help in converting your e-commerce site into a mobile app, please feel free to contact us at We at Envision Ecommerce have a team of certified developers, who will help you transform your site in a native app in no minute along with the effective Magento business solutions that help you reach the heights of success.

Mageionic- Magento Mobile App

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